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Help: Manage my account

What is your account?

This is your profile, all about you… your name, some personal info and the best way for people to contact you. It also contains default information that is used when creating new posts for your directory listings.

Adding a profile pic…

  • Click on 'drop files here to upload ', find your image and click 'open '.

  • You have two profile pics - one is for you personally, the other is for your business. If you have multiple businesses, then the pic you put here will be your default one. As you add listings for other businesses, you can change the profile pic for that business. Your profile pic can be a photo of you, your logo, a photo of your place of work, whatever you like.

  • Your profile pic must be no bigger than 200px square and 75 dpi, it can be a jpg, jpeg or png.

Enter your details…

  • There are a couple of fields with an asterisk, these are 'mandatory fields', so make sure you enter something in those.

  • A few of the fields have a check box to the right, checking the box will hide the fields from view when people are browsing our site. So, if you don't want anyone to know how old you are, just ckeck the birthday field so it doesn't show.

    The fields are divided, with a line separating the top half from the bottom.

    • The fields above the line are your personal information.

    • The fields below the line are to do with where you operate or work. Areas where you want people to find you, for example…

      • if you're a real estate sales person, you'd enter the suburbs where you specialise. If you're a wedding photographer in Perth but travel throughout WA for work, you'd enter the main towns/cities where you want to operate.

    • The areas serviced field is for any areas with a colloquial name - like in West Australia, we talk about 'down south' which referes to the places in and around the Margaret River region. So, you might enter - 'down south', 'Margaret River region' and 'south west' to make sure people searching using those terms find you.

    • The Postal Codes, Cities/Suburbs, States and Countries fields can each have several items listed in them. Each item must be separated by a comma, so, if you're entering a bunch of postal codes, they'd go like this - 6000, 6005, 6050 etc.